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WNBF Natural Champion Leroy Perry

Hosts John Hansen and Mike Neumann welcome newly retired natural champion Leroy Perry to NBBR.

Though he started working out at 9 years old for “self protection” in his L.A. neighborhood, young Leroy Perry found he really enjoyed the pump and feeling the strength. He continued working out, playing football, went into the Marines and got serious about competing at age 26.

When the subject of “special enhancement” came up among some of the guys at the gym, Leroy immediately turned away and kept working out, eating clean and pitting his “Natural Look” against the specially-enhanced “unNatural” bodies around him. Though some of his strategies are a little off-beat they’ve served Leroy well throughout his life and bodybuilding career.

Tune in to hear what this true Natural Champion has to say. He’s not shy.