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The Ivory Latino, WNBF Pro – Alberto Nuñez

Co-host Mike Neumann welcomes WNBF Pro, Alberto Nuñez, the Ivory Latino. Alberto is a member of 3-D Muscle Journey = Check it out!

ALBERTO NUÑEZ, 26, Hayward, California, USA has been training with weights for almost 10 years. Alberto’s greatest accomplishment as a natural athlete was getting up on stage for the first time and it was something he will never forget. Also winning his first show made Alberto realize that he could do well in this sport. It was a very humbling moment for Alberto. Alberto’s reason why he trains 100% naturally, “This sport was a positive transition in my life, and using drugs to better my physique would in my opinion pull away from that. I enjoy all the challenges, and flying to the top of the mountain would not do it for me. Its a privilege to be healthy enough to push your body to these extremes, if I did use I would feel like I would be taking this for granted.” Alberto’s future goals, “I want to be a good natural pro, not just on stage, but off stage as well. I want to promote the sport to the fullest, and give as much to this sport as its given to me over the years. Most of all have fun while I am doing it”. Alberto would like to share with other athletes, “Be patient, work hard, and most importantly have fun. Surround yourself with positive people, stay away from the naysayers. Don’t let bodybuilding take over your life, let it enrich your life”. Alberto is truly a great natural bodybuilder who possesses an immense knowledge of the sport. With many natural bodybuilding titles to his credit he is an inspiration for other natural athletes to follow.