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Jason Powell Introduces “The Cronus”

Today, in Segment One (1) Mike Neumann welcomes back John Hansen from a two-week absence. John made good use of his time away, however, with a very successful photo-shoot and was subsequently named cover model for the upcoming September issue of IronMan magazine (available late July)!

Then, in Segment Two (2) Promoter Jason Powell introduces “The Cronus” Competition, billed as “the first multi-affiliated natural pro bodybuilding world championship, with a $10k cash prize”. On hand with some pointed questions and tough observations is Nicole Weeks, Natural Pro Figure Competitor in the IFPA, NGA, & USBF; and promoter of the OCB Southeast States Natural, in Orlando, FL. When the smoke clears, its obvious Nicole has her doubts, but Jason Powell is an earnest promoter working towards his own version of a “Unified Title” in Natural Bodybuilding. John and Mike manage to keep things cool, with their own thoughts and hopes for this new concept.

Check out Jason Powell’s YouTube video about “The Cronus”, below: