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IFPA Pro Natural Bodybuilder Doug Miller

Newly crowned OCB-IFPA Yorton Cup Champion, Doug Miller meets with hosts John Hansen and Mike “Superhuman” Neumann to discuss his training regimen, diet and how he prepares mentally for a contest.

Along with his lovely bride Stephanie, they form “Team Miller”, a tag-team of professional Natural Bodybuilders and Trainers.

Listen to the show, then read Doug’s bio below. Be sure to visit his website:

Doug’s Bio:

I grew up in Huntingdon Valley, PA, a small town near Philadelphia. Throughout my childhood I was extremely active in sports including soccer, swimming, and baseball. In high school, I earned 11 varsity letters in these sports and was an all-regional athlete. I was recruited by a number of smaller, Division-1AA colleges but always lacked the size to earn a scholarship at a Division-1 school. When I graduated high school, I was 135 pounds soaking wet!

Deciding to pursue academics over athletics in college, I chose to attend Penn State University’s Scheyer Honors Program. I graduated as valedictorian with degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Economics. Although I was extremely focused on academics, there was something missing. I missed the training involved with athletics so as a freshman one of my roommates introduced me to the weight room. I was instantly hooked. Although I lived on cold cereal, by the time I graduated I had a well-built, 175-pound frame and had learned a lot about proper training. After I graduated, my Biochemistry background allowed me to perform my own research and investigation into proper nutrition and supplementation, which really helped me make gains. In 2002, a year after I graduated, I was encouraged by a bodybuilder at my gym to compete. I won the overall novice division at my first show and was instantly hooked once again. Fourteen months later I won my pro card at my second competition, the 2003 OCB Charm City Classic.

On April 3, 2004, I was test judging at an OCB show when this cute Southern girl tapped me on my shoulder and began talking to me. I knew immediately there was something special about this person (and 20 months later I was engaged to Stephanie Brumfield!). Steph prepped for her first show while I prepped for my first pro show in 2005. After winning her pro card at her first show, it turns out that we eventually competed together at the 2005 IFPA American States Pro show where she took first and I took second.

Stephanie and I were married on October 14, 2006 in Danville, VA and now reside in Arlington, VA. Currently I am a manager at an economic consulting firm and co-owner/founder of Core Nutritionals, and Steph owns her own personal training business.We are looking to open our own training studio in 2010 in Arlington, VA and continue to run ÒTeam MillerÓ (nutritional, training, and competition prep programs and workshops). We are also proud to be USP LabsÕ sponsored athletes.

Contest History

200911.14.09 – IFPA Yorton Cup Pro Bodybuilding World Championships, Washington, DC- 1st Men’s Pro Middleweight- 1st Men’s Pro Overall10.10.09 – IFPA Gaspari/Dymatize Pro Classic, Cape Cod, MA- 1st Men’s Pro Heavyweight- 1st Men’s Pro Overall200710.27.07 – IFPA Yorton Cup Pro International, Washington, DC- 2nd Men’s Pro Bodybuilding10.06.07 – IFPA Gaspari Nutrition Pro Classic, Cape Cod, MA- 1st Men’s Pro Bodybuilding200508.20.05 – IFPA American States Pro, Las Vegas, NV- 2nd Men’s Pro Bodybuilding200310.04.03 – OCB Charm City Classic, Baltimore, MD- 1st Overall Men’s Open Bodybuilding (won pro card)200208.10.02 – INBF Presidential Cup, Gaithersburg, MD- 1st Overall Men’s Novice Bodybuilding

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