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Champion Jason Janov and Super-Trainer Cliff Wilson

Special guests, young champion Jason Janov and Super-Trainer Cliff Wilson. First up is an interview with Jason, followed by an in-depth Q&A with Cliff Wilson on his best tips in preparing for a contest.

This is from Jason’s page on  When I was a young kid growing up I was very active I was either out side building tree houses in the woods or playing what ever sport was in season for me. Whatever I was doing during that time I would put 100% of my effort into the activity. I was the type of kid who would get a goal or idea in my mind and let it be in my thought process 24/7, and do what ever it takes to achieve it. My father got me into playing football and signed me up to play going into the 4th grade. During that time football was my passion I loved every second of it. Read more on Jason’s page on

From Cliff Wilson’s website, What does being an all natural team mean to us?  We work only with athletes in drug tested shows, in strictly tested federations.  These federations are the NANBF, OCB, NGA, INBF and their pro counterparts [IFPA, WNBF].  Often people ask us what the difference is between tested and nontested shows, or if there is any at all. Indeed there is. The work it takes both on our part as well as our athletes’ is far different than the non-tested route.  In order to thoroughly prepare for the stage and ensure you are both as lean and as big as possible, there are certain biological and metabolic processes that need to be understood.  And many of those will vary from athlete to athlete because of genetics and conditioning. Taking any of the substances banned in our federations means altering those processes and following a different set of rules, bending and sometimes breaking what your genetics would otherwise limit or dictate.