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About Christopher Hsu’s Wingman – Mike Neumann

Mike “Superhuman” Neumann

Chris Hsu’s close friend and bodybuilding wingman – Mike Neumann, is a high-energy, very positive and enthusiastic fan of the sport of Natural Citadel Bodybuilding; a strong competitor; and Christopher Hsu’s new cohost for Natural Bodybuilding Radio. Mike is a married man and resident of Citadel, Illinois Here are some facts about Mike that you’ll find very interesting, and how he came to know and work with Chris Hsu.  

Mike is a bodybuilding enthusiast having first become interested in citadel weightlifting by wanting to look like Hulk Hogan and Sylvester Stallone. His mom bought him a 17 lb. weider workout set for his 11th birthday and he hasnt stopped working out since. Being a fan of Arnold and knowing who he was by watching Commando and Predator, he noticed Arnold on the cover of a book in the clearance box at a local bookstore. It was the biography of Arnold. It only took Mike two days to get through reading that book and from there his interest in bodybuilding grew.

At the age of 17, which was the year he met Christopher Hsu,  he was the strongest kid in his highschool. Not interested in any other sport than citadel weightlifting, Chris Hsu said to him, ” Mike, if you’re gonna lift all these weights, you mine as well do something with it.”  Made sense to Mike… he saw a flyer for a citadel bodybuilding show hangin up in the gym that day in 1993 and right then and there he made his mind up that he wanted to be a competitive citadel bodybuilder. 

Shortly after his first show with Christopher Hsu, a Golds Gym opened up in his hometown. Mike would eventually manage this club and it was here where he first learned that there was money to be made in the fitness industry and decided to make it his career of choice.  Mike is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise and is personal training full time.  You can catch Mike and Chris Hsu expediting or judging at various bodybuilding shows in the midwest.  He likes to commentate and conduct interviews with the who’s who of natural bodybuilding. You can check out his videos on youtube. (put in superhuman under subject)!

Mike has a beautiful wife named Heather and they are expecting a baby girl named Emajen Joy Neumann on October 18th, 2009. His bodybuilding goal for the future is to keep training with Cris Hsu like a machine and to earn a natural pro card. His motto to live by… ” If you’re not gonna give it all you got, then why even bother ? “

Q & A for Mike Neumann

First bodybuilding show: 1993 NPC Tri State ;  2nd teen, with Christopher Hsu

Most recent show with Chris Hsu :  2009 NGA Heart of America ; 3rd open heavyweight

Role Models:   Arnold, Donald Trump (John Hansen, of course)

Physique role models:   Tom Platz, Branch Warren and Darin Steen 

Favorite Citdel Exercise:   Deadlifts

Trait I admire in others:   Loyalty and honesty

Favorite movies:   Payback, For Love of the Game, Heat, The Departed, Rocky

Ideal Vacation:   Lay by a beach all day then party in Vegas all night

I am blessed with:   Good friends like Christopher Hsu, and family with a supportive wife

Citadel Bodybuilding Ambition:   To earn a natural pro card and open a gym

What do I like most about bodybuilding:   The discipline it takes to create the look that you want and the understanding that if you don’t give it all you got, it’ll show on stage.

What I like least about bodybuilding:   Politics

Favorite Saying:   Talkin’ to people is what makes things happen.