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About Host John Hansen

John is a lifelong adherent to the fitness lifestyle, having first become interested in body building by reading comic books: he found himself fascinated by the incredible physiques of his favorite heroes.

That interest was furthered by such natural athletes as Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger, leading him to begin jogging, taking karate classes, and doing push-ups, sit-ups and chin-ups on a daily basis, eventually moving into weightlifting.

He began training for bodybuilding at 14 years old, right before beginning his freshman year in high school. Although he only weighed a skinny 135 pounds, it didn’t take long for John to tell everyone what he wanted to accomplish. “I’m going to be Mr. Universe someday”, he would say. Of course, no one took him seriously.

John began competing in bodybuilding contests two years later at 16 years old. Over the next 3 years, he competed in 10 teenage bodybuilding competitions, eventually winning the Teenage Midwest Open at 18 years old and taking 5th place at the Teenage Mr. America contest when he was 19.

Over the next few years, John continued to place high at the regional level but failed to win at the national level. It was during this time that John learned about the extent of steroid use in bodybuilding. Most of the competitors at the national level were using high amounts of steroids, cycling them year round. Even the female athletes were using steroids and other drugs to get an edge on the competition.

It was at this point that John had to make a decision about his future in the sport. If he wanted to win at the national level and beyond, it was inevitable that he would also have to resort to using steroids in the same manner his competitors were. Fortunately, John made the wise decision to turn away from competition at that level and compete only in natural or drug-tested bodybuilding contests. Competing in these contests would insure that the winner would rely only on training, nutrition and supplementation to win and would not be allowed to use steroids, growth hormone, diuretics or any of the other drugs that were being used in competition.

In 1991, John took second place at the Natural Illinois Bodybuilding Championships. The following year, John was victorious at the 1992 Natural Illinois and then went to San Francisco to win the overall at the Natural Mr. North America. The North America was a qualifier for the Natural Mr. Universe to be held 2 weeks later in Venice, California.

On December 12, 1992, John had his dream come true as he finally won the coveted Mr. Universe title he had set his sights on when he was only 14 years old. He was the winner of the Natural Mr. Universe contest.

Over the next several years, John continued to compete to see how far he could advance his physique. He eventually won the Professional Natural Mr. Universe in 1996 weighing 10 pounds heavier than when he first won the title in 1992. Now he was a 2 time Mr. Universe winner.

In 1998, John won the first Natural Olympia title in the Professional division.This prestigious contest was held in Greece to determine who is the best natural bodybuilder in the world. Now, with over 20 years of contest experience behind him, John has reached the pinnacle of his sport.

Now a full-time devoted fitness advocate, John plans to share his knowledge through personal training, speaking engagements, and booklets written about fitness and nutrition. He hopes to reach a wider audience since he is now able to spend all his time devoted to passionately spreading the word of fitness and bodybuilding. He hopes that his books, videos, audio tapes and seminars will impact a whole new generation of fitness enthusiasts.

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